Spokane WA, KGEG Nick Hill

 When looking at the sounding it looks like we have some freezing fog this morning at KGEG. Below 6920 m we can see that dew point and temperature are fairly close along with the PWAT being 7.62 mm of perceptible water there is a chance of seeing some precipitation today in the form of snow.


Sounding at 12Z at KGEG

At Spokane Airport KGEG it looks like the most snowfall they have received by 10 am is the most they will get. There is a 60% chance of more snow until 4pm although only up to an inch of accumulation. Today we will see a high around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Going into the overnight it will drop to 22 degrees Fahrenheit with a 50 % chance of another inch of possible snow accumulation. Throughout the coming week temperatures are going to continue to drop, Monday high near 26 degrees Fahrenheit and a low around 2 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 20 % chance of precipitation. Tuesday and Wednesday will be sunny with a high around 14 and a low around 2 degrees Fahrenheit.


Current Weather through Tuesday.


Graphical Forecast of Sundays Temperature.


Fronts Over the United States

As seen in the above figure, we can see that their is a stationary front North of Spokane. A high pressure system is currently overhead.  Causing cold temperatures.


Earth Winds map at 500mb.


Earth Winds at 250mb.

The jet stream is currently traveling east to west, with Spokane on the upper edge of the jet stream. This will why we are having cooler temperatures and the lower temperatures later in the week.


Visible image at 12z







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This weekend in Riverton, WY

For starters let’s look at the jetstream. This figure (figure 1) of the lower 48 at 300 hPa suggests that the jetstream is sitting just about on top of Wyoming. From our discussion in class about Moscow being north of the jet, this seems accurate. As we also talked about in class, there’s a lot of moisture coming in from the west/northwest. However, it’s looking like Riverton will not be getting any snow this weekend.


Figure 1

The air temperature there was pretty chilly today with a high temperature in the high teens, Fahrenheit. Looking at the sounding from 6:00am this morning (which if i’m honest, I am not quite sure what’s going on in this) , it was pretty cold and also quite dry in the mid atmosphere.


Figure 2

It also seems like there was some outstandingly stable conditions this morning, with no chances of convection and very little precipitable water, as I said before, it’s a lot of cold dry air there right now. Just west of Riverton, up in the mountains, there are chances of and active inclement winter weather, as seen by the below figure.


Figure 3

This map below shows how there’s snow expected for the majority of the northwest, but Riverton seems to not only be avoided but cut out of the areas where snow is expected. However, this isn’t a major surprise due to Riverton being on the dry side of the rocky mountains.


Figure 4

I’d expect the temperatures to rise some, but not too much. The average high for the weekend will probably be in the low to mid 30s (F). There’s a chance that some snow will blow into Riverton but I don’t think they’ll be getting any actual snow falling on them.

Weather & Forecast for Spokane, WA Meggan Baumgartner, 12/4/16 4:30pm PST

Temperatures are dropping in our region currently due to the cold front that just moved through (see image below from NCAR).  The cold front is moving from North to South (NW to SE) due to the Low pressure system seen in Northern MT at the boarder of Canada (with counterclockwise air flow surrounding the L).  Winds are mild to moderate ranging from 5-25 mph – mostly from the NW.


There is an upper atmosphere trough just East of our region – seen on the GFS map below at 500mb.  This corresponds with the Low found on the surface – seen on the above map.


Precipitation likely will continue tonight into tomorrow (Monday) – being a mix of rain, snow and sleet.  Clearing clouds into Tuesday.  (See water vapor map from NOAA and Wunderground forecast map below).




As seen below, the forecast into tomorrow / Monday – the cold front moves further away / South.  A new cold front moves closer to the Canada / N ID boarder.  Mix of snow and rain is found in the Spokane, WA region.  Winds lessen on Monday (compared to Sunday).

Clearing weather (less clouds and precipitation) into Tuesday likely due to the Low moving out of our region and less humidity.  Temps will stay cold with more arctic air moving Southward towards our region (the new cold front moving into our region).


Boise Weekend Forecast (12/3-12/4)

A strong cold front later this weekend will bring more precipitation and colder temperatures to Boise next week.  Weekend high temperatures will be in the 40s pending the approach of a strong cold front Sunday.  Saturday will be cloudy with little chance of precipitation. Sunday will likely bring <1in. of rain to Boise and some snow to higher elevations.  After the weekend, typical after the passing of a cold front, weekly temperatures are in the 30s and hold through next week.


Figure 1. Wind map at 500hPa. A high pressure system off the coast of California is bringing colder air into the Pacific Northwest.


Figure 2. Map showing high temperatures for Sunday. Saturday high temperatures (~43F) are lower than Sunday’s, this is before the cold front passes. Temperatures after this weekend are approximately 10 degrees cooler.


Figure 3. Map that indicates the chance of precipitation for Sunday in Boise.


Figure 4. Most of the moisture coming into the area is north of Boise, but this image shows the approaching cold front that will bring cooler temperatures later Sunday and after the weekend.


Figure 5. Shows the moisture coming into the region. The upper level flow as seen in figure 1, is bringing moist air into the Pacific Northwest. Most of this will fall as rain or snow north of Boise, but as previously stated, rain is in the forecast for Sunday.


Figure 6. This map shows that less than 1inch will fall as rain in the Boise area (which is supported by the higher temperatures) while snow will fall at higher elevations.

Weather Forecast for Idaho Falls, Weekend of December 3rd and 4th — Victor Atkinson

Idaho Falls has just been caught in the middle of this large jet stream division, which, for the time being is keeping up the normal weather of dry and cold (but not too cold) in South-Eastern Idaho. Throughout Saturday expect these conditions to persist.


Earth.net — GFS wind at 250hPa — Current

However, come Sunday the prevailing winds should bring another cold front along, and with it, some fresh snow for all of South-Eastern Idaho.


Intellicast.com 48hr Infrared forecast map NW USA for Sunday Morning

From this satellite infrared analysis we see how, as early as tomorrow, the winds will push towards the north-east to gather at the low-pressure system over Alberta causing South-westerly winds throughout the weekend. Additionally a large cold front makes its way towards Idaho Falls and the region as a whole, undoubtedly making the upcoming week an especially freezing one with more snow when the front passes by. However for Saturday and Sunday, the temperatures should not get too far below freezing.

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) RAP Model for 12hr forecast — Early Saturday Morning

Image above shows conditions for Saturday, at or above freezing (map is in degrees Celsius) and no precipitation, with low pressure gradient force, thus only slight South-westerly winds.


Wunderground 48hr forecast of weather types — Sunday Afternoon

By Sunday evening the entirety of South-Eastern Idaho should see some snow, Idaho Falls receiving a couple inches itself as we can see in this agglomerate map from the NDFD.

NCAR NAM Temperature plot for 54hr forecast — Late Sunday Morning

Finally, a NAM temperature plot shows that even through Sunday we should see moderately cool temperatures in SE Idaho, in the 20s and 30s. Cold, but certainly not bad for the area in early December.

Recap: 20s-low 30s, medium SW wind for Sunday and Saturday with good chances of snow on Sunday.

Expect colder weathers, weaker winds, and more snow with the rest of the oncoming week.

Weather and Forecast for Spokane, WA as of Nov. 26, 2016, 3PM PST — Meggan Baumgartner

Today’s pressure and radar map here shows Low pressure systems to our North and to our West.  There is considerable rain along the West coast and some snow formation to our North in Canada.  From the NCAR website:


The Spokane weather station shows that the current temperature is 54 degrees, humidity is at 47%,  and winds around 6 mph from the East.  There is no current precipitation because the dew point reported is 20 degrees below the current temperature.


Looking ahead to the next couple of days — Spokane, WA should have some rain and snow coming through the region as temperatures drop and the rain that is currently off the West coast moves inland.

From the NCAR website:


Wunderground’s graphical data forecasts the same in the next 48 hours for Spokane, WA (see below).  Blue corresponds to rain possible, purple corresponds to snow possible.  Monday — 11/28/16 will likely have colder temperatures during the day and overnight (41 and 27 degrees F respectively) compared to tomorrow / Sunday (44 and 36 degrees F respectively).


Weather for Pendleton, OR of NOV 18 2016 12:00 A.M. – Nick Judd

Currently in the night time, Lows are currently at freezing with a temperature of 32 degrees. Looking at figure 1, the surface model shows winds are currently out of the east at a slow speed of 5 knots.

For today, Friday 11/18, temperatures will be at 53 for a high and 40 for a low. Winds again out of the east at 5 knots. Looking at Figure 2, we see that later into the next week, rain-showers will occur precipitating less than a tenth of an inch.

What is bringing this weather? looking at figure 3 we see that on Saturday 11/19, two low pressures systems out to the west are pushing rainy weather directly west.

Currently on the radar (Figure 4), precipitation is being recorded in Western Oregon near Portland moving its was slowly to the east.

The key takeaway is that we can definitely see that temperatures are returning to their normal for this time of the year. Low pressures this Thanksgiving week are bringing rain. por1

Figure 1. Surface observation of Pendleton, OR. 07:23 UTC. 18 Nov 2016.


Figure 2. (a) 10 day forecast for Pendleton, OR. Shows temperature and conditions at top. (b) shows line graph of daily temperatures. (c) shows change in pressure. (d) wind speed and direction.


Figure 3. Model of upper air observations forecasted at 09:26 UTC. 17 Nov 2016. Model is for Saturday, 19 Nov 2016.


Figure 4. Radar at 07:40 UTC. 18 Nov 2016. Key features show light precipitation of west Pacific Northwest. Small bits of water scattered near Pendleton, OR.